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What you need to know about The Market

Agreed upon information and guidelines to practice safety according to the CDC advisement are detailed in the application. Download the application by clicking the orange Vendor Application button.

Print or Reproduce the Vendor Application page and mail to the address below, or email requested information to:

PLEASE Also send your certificate of liability insurance with your application and (full season) payment to the physical address listed below.

Please mail physical application, season payments and certificate to:
Shawn Doyle - Mkt Coordinator, 85 Lake Street, Pulaski, NY 13142

*If you're joining The Market mid-season, please simply come to The Park on Friday during Vendor Set Up with your Market fee and Certificate of Liability.

Fridays:  June 16- thru September 30, 2023


Make checks payable to: “Pulaski Farmers’ Market”

*Submission of this contract acknowledges receipt and agreement with

Pulaski Farmers’ Market Rules and Regulations (below).

Farmers’ Market Rules and Regulations

The Pulaski Farmers’ Market, Pulaski/Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce, PROP, its' agents, officers, or employees shall not be liable for property damage or personal injury to the exhibitor, his/her agents, officers, or employees, which may occur on or about any part of the subject premised regardless of how such injury or damage may occur.

Exhibitors waive any claim against The Pulaski Farmers’ Market, and assume all liability for loss or damage to Exhibitor’s property entrusted to the premises.

Exhibitors shall hold The Pulaski Farmers’ Market harmless and shall indemnify The Pulaski Farmers’ Market against all liability or expenses arising out of any claim of injury or damage to any person or property, together with all cost in connection with the defense thereto.

Market Season - The Pulaski Farmers’ Market opens Fridays:

June 16-September 30, 2023.

Market Hours - Selling hours are 4 to 8 pm; vendor set up is at 2:00pm. It is asked that best efforts are made to be at the market for the full selling period. Notification of late arrival or early departure must be made to the Market Coordinator.

Payment of Fees - Payment is required at time of application or prior to set-up. No refunds will be made.

Booth set-up - Vendors are required to provide their own set-ups, including tables, tents and chairs.

Appearance - Vendor booths should be neat, clean and of a professional appearance.

Conduct - Vendors are expected to conduct themselves professionally, considerately and courteously.

Booth clean up - Vendors are responsible for the clean up and removal of all garbage and debris in and around their booth.

Parking - It is asked that vendors park vehicles at nearby municipal lots to ensure open spaces for patrons

Permits - It is understood and agreed that it is the sole responsibility of the vendor to collect, report and file N.Y. State sales taxes, permits and related forms as required by law. Vendors shall also be responsible for all government permitting that may be required of them.

Product Compliance - a. Wooden Toy items must comply with safety recommendations concerning small items and choking hazards b. Textile items must comply with all federal and state label and tag regulations.


Banned items - Banned items for sale at the Farmers’ Market include but are not limited to: firearms and fireworks, Illegal or offensive items, drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Certificates of Liability- Forward a copy to Brian Leary, Market Coordinator listing “The Pulaski Farmers’ Market” as loss payee.

The Pulaski Farmers’ Market reserves the right to refuse space to any vendor.

These regulations are made to ensure a successful farmers' market, violation

of these rules may result in dismissal from the market.

NO SMOKING.  Please, all Vendors refrain from smoking at the Market during set-up and hours of market operation. Your cooperation and understanding are greatly appreciated.

The Pulaski Farmers’ Market is a volunteer effort, your support and participation is vital to its success. We are an open-air market and have no provisions for rain dates.

​We Thank You for your participation and look forward to a successful 2023. All necessary social distancing and recommended precautions will be taken according to CDC guidelines. See guidelines outlined on the Vendor Application itself. See you at The Market!            

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