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Thinking of a Container Garden?

Quick Thoughts for Blooming On Your Patio, Porch or Deck

Especially if you don't have a lot of space, container gardening can really serve a practical purpose as well as be lots of FUN! And hey, who doesn't love more plants and flowers to gaze at right? The kids or grandkids will love it too. Whether you're thinking about lots of pretty color on your deck, or musing about fresh, yummy vegetables right out your back door... there are lots of easy and quick options for getting started!


Basil, chives, thyme, rosemary, oregano... the list goes on! Any of these options can be quite happy growing in pots, little tubs or half barrels. In any of these scenarios, you can set your herbs up just outside your kitchen door and voila! Convenience when you're cooking!


From cucumbers to peppers, tomatoes to green beans, as long as you've got sunshine in your little container heaven that you're creating, grow away!

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Flowers and Vines

A pair of matching containers on either side of your front entrance welcomes guests and more importantly, makes YOU smile! After all, who sees them more than you? If back out on your deck or around the pool, you get to add lots of color and create a lovely ambiance for any outdoor seating area. Consider arranging groups of pots that are complimentary in color, ranging in size, anywhere in your garden or even around your stairs. Hens and chicks are fun to create groupings around and are hearty little visions you can enjoy the whole summer through.

Are you a beginner at container gardening? Here are some great tips and tools to get you started... Happy BLOOMING!

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