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New in the Basket: Seasonal Additions

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Wouldn't you agree there's absolutely nothing better during our summer season than to take a bite of a fresh, ripe, juicy Pulaski tomato? Check out these beautiful beefsteaks...

Welcome to HOMEGROWN, your local Pulaski Farmer's Market Blog. Each week the market is brimming with fresh produce. As the season progresses, the new additions to the homegrown basket evolve too. Tomatoes are tasting soooooo gooooood this summer right? We all can recall different times when tomatoes have struggled in different parts of the country. This year, they're good to grow and good to go... straight from the farm onto your table ... and into the BELLY!

The homegrown goodness of a fresh, juicy, ripe tomato just brings back all the best memories of being a kid and romping in your grandparents' garden.

The homegrown goodness was brimming this past week at the market with plenty of sweet corn, green beans, cukes, green peppers, and yep, you got it, tomatoes.

Technically a fruit, the tomato is most often prepared as and considered by most at the family dinner table, to be a veggie. Whether they're steamed, stewed, baked or plucked fresh from the vine, tomatoes are good for you especially because of lycopene which is an antioxidant and linked to reduced risks of heart disease and cancer. Besides all that good news... they're gorgeous and they plain just TASTE GOOD TOO!

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