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Farm Tour: Get to Know the Land

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

The Pulaski, NY area is blessed with rich, fertile soil.

For generations, our area's farmers have been tilling the land to bear beautiful bounty for our families. We're truly blessed with fertile soil as we sit on the eastern banks of Lake Ontario and in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. The famed Salmon River runs straight through our town and we're appreciative of all our River has created for us.

Rich in history, rich in waterways, rich in our soil... that is Pulaski, NY.

Wonderful Local Farms (each respectively excerpted from their websites)

Grindstone Farm is a family farm committed to growing organically.

Since 1981 Grindstone Farm (Pulaski, NY), owned by Dick & Vic de Graff, has been committed to growing! They distribute high quality certified organic produce. They're capable of delivering to the doorstep of your home or restaurant every Thursday.

They are now a second generation farm with son Lucas de Graff ahold the reins of the farm. They're dedicated to maintaining a policy of stewardship with the land through organic and sustainable growing practices. The practices they use will allow future generations to inherit a better piece of earth to enjoy as we have.

Freedom Rains Farm

Freedom Rains Farm is a small family owned and operated NOFA certified organic farm on County Route 28 in Pulaski NY, established in 2013.

They're committed to eco-friendly, organic agriculture for the health of our soils, water, and our bodies, as well as local food accessibility within the CNY community.

Their fresh organic Produce and gmo-free free range eggs are available through their CSA memberships and various farmer's markets throughout the growing season.

Clucked Out Farm

Located also in Pulaski is Clucked Out Farm.

They are a small farm offering raw goat's milk soap, honey, eggs, and pasture-raised meats. Owned and operated by a family of six that prides itself on doing things the way they used to be.  As a Labor of Love, they take great care of their animals so they can provide the best products for not only their family, but their customer's families as well. 

Mattland Farms "Naturally Raised, Naturally Good"

Mattland Farms is a family-owned, environmentally-friendly farm. Mark and Angela Mattison purchased the farm together from Mark’s parents in 2008. Mattland Farms is located in the beautiful countryside of northern Oswego County.

They produce Grass-Fed Beef (Available by the half, whole or individual cut) Natural Pork (Available by the half, whole or individual cut), Pastured Chickens (whole only). All meat is processed at a local, USDA inspected facility and is frozen to ensure freshness. Now travelers can stay at the Farm. Mattland Farms is located near the Salmon River, just outside of Altmar, east of Pulaski. 

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